The journey thus far...

Scott Bloodsworth of Georgetown, Delaware is on a mission to bring guitar driven rock and blues music back to the forefront of popular music culture. With his recently released album, Music Man, he hopes to do just that. 

Scott began playing guitar at age twelve. By age fifteen he was already playing gigs in local bars with a vast array of talented musicians, including Mark Fitzgerald and Gene Watson (who have played with such acts as The Charlie Daniels Band, Vassar Clements, and Lynyrd Skynyrd) of the Jim Long Band. This experience was crucial for Scott to hone his craft and also understand how to be a band leader. Scott also had the privilege of teaching guitar at The National Guitar Workshop in Connecticut for two years, where he had the opportunity to play on stage with many major artists including Tommy Shannon of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s band, Double Trouble. He has played in many local cover bands such as Fish Whistle, Monkee Paw, Code Blue, and Earthbound Groove. Last year, Scott was even asked to fill in last minute as a part of KISS tribute band, Rock Bottom for a few shows. This not only shows his versatility as a musician, but demonstrates his easy-going and friendly nature. In 2009, Scott was also able to take part in a last minute studio session for material being recorded for Carrie Underwood’s second album, Carnival Ride.

Scott has a passion for the guitar that is rarely seen. At his core he loves creating and performing music that everyone can enjoy. His album Out of the Dark shows just that as songs from the album have been featured on local radio stations such as Ocean 98.1 with Skip Dixon and 93.5 The Beach’s Local Produce radio show. Out of the Dark has a sound that people of all ages and musical tastes can enjoy. In an article regarding this album Billie Criswell of The Beach Paper writes, “The songs on the album also have a cohesion that can be hard to achieve for many artists.” Scott was even fortunate enough to have gotten a few creative tips from renowned guitarist, Gary Hoey while working on the album.

Scott has always strived to reach people through music and his prowess at the guitar. Skip Dixon of Ocean 98.1 states, “Scott’s guitar playing is like a finely tuned race car: at times a patiently low, melodic rumble, and at other times fast and furious with epic precision.” With this newfound ambition, a Scott Bloodsworth performance is something that people will not want to miss.

Scott has just released his first EP 11:11 (Vol.1) in July of 2017! This is the first installment of what will be a series of EP's. Scott states, "I want to capture the creative bursts I go through from time to time without having the pressure of doing 12 plus song albums. Each EP will consist of five songs in the order they were recorded." Pick up your copy of 11:11 (Vol. 1) today in the STORE section of the webpage, iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Groove Music (Xbox), and other major media outlets!